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Zurbu – a worldwide network of local history websites
About Zurbu

Terms of service

Prior to contributing to Zurbu, please ensure respecting the following:

Any contribution

  • Causes no provocation, discrimination or excess political discussion.
  • Is pure from a historical science's point of view.
  • Respects the Law of the Republic of Latvia and the country you reside in — including but not limited to the one on copyright.
  • Its language is understandable by most readers from the relevant settlement. Discussions in several languages are acceptable.
  • Contains no intended misspellings – e.g. leetspeak. Offensiveness is forbidden.
  • Is made with respect to fellow contributors.
  • Fits here and should be made.

Each tag

  • Can be assigned to some other messages.
  • Sounds concise, strict and formal.
  • Does not duplicate meaning of any existing tag.


  • Is dedicated to history and future development of some particular location not represented on Zurbu at the moment of creating.
    • In case you are sure that a website with global theme should be made (e.g. urbanistics as a science) don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Has got an address, title and other settings relevant to its theme.


  • Users are responsive for their contributions. Neither Zurbu nor administration of a respective forum overtakes no copyright or responsibility on them. This includes but is not limited to responsibility for data reliability.
  • If author or their representatives think that their work is put on Zurbu illegally they should contact us with a proof of their rights on the work, and it will be removed.
  • Each user sets individual copyright conditions for their contributions which can be seen in their user profiles.

By using Zurbu you agree with the rules described in this document, otherwise please leave Zurbu immediately.

Disobeying the rules may result in following:

  • Deleting the contribution.
  • Deleting violator's entire account.

These terms are obligatory in the whole Zurbu portal. Websites may extend them with their own rules. General rules apply in case of discrepancy.

  • Zurbu releases from a boring necessity of writing terms of use. You can trust our forum managing experience since 2004.
  • Note that every website may extend these rules.