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Zurbu – a worldwide network of local history websites
About Zurbu

About Zurbu

Zurbu is a free worldwide network of local history websites. People come here to communicate, research and store knowledge.

“Zurbu” comes from Latin urbs – “city”.

Nowadays when Internet helps people in almost every field until recently local history enthusiasts had to suffer without own web. Let's list the main solutions we had.

  • Using general social networks Too general – both technically and by audience.
  • Making websites ourselves This very rarely resulted in a professional website.
  • Paying professionals for websites “Paying” is the keyword. Too expensive…
Zurbu has solved the problem. Now websites are:
  1. §


    Collaboration always makes finding the answer easier and more efficient.
  2. Specialized

    We do know what you expect from a history research website, and satisfy these needs as soon as possible – much faster than general social networks do.
  3. Educative

    We always look for better ways to search relevant messages. Thus Zurbu combines capabilities of both discussion board and information storage.
  4. Free

    If you feel unsatisfied with municipal plans to raze a mediæval castle in favour of a modern high-rise, express it here. We will always respect your rights for a free speech.
  5. $0


    Creating and maintaining a website does not cost a penny. Conversing is gratis as air we breathe. Everything what is free now will stay such as long as ravens reside in the Tower of London.
  6. Glocal

    We are global and local simultaneously. This intercity unity is crucial for researchers interested in multiple locations – it's pretty easy to discuss in multiple similarly looking websites using a single user account and common interface.
  7. Experienced

    Holding «Conversations on Riga», a prominent forum on history of Latvian capital since 2004, has produced enough experience to start an international project.
  8. Soothing

    Administrators sometimes need a rest – we will keep Law and Order in websites when their owners have no access to Internet.
  9. Quick

    Usually you have to open dozens of separate forum topics to read new posts – even if some of them are only a sentence long. Single message feed allows you to open ten times less pages here without missing anything!
  10. Open

    Modern information delivery formats allow easy transfer of information from Zurbu to users or other programs including external websites.
  11. Hospitable

    No matter whether place is a cosy village or a vibrant megapolis like New York it perfectly fits here.
  12. Visual

    You can conveniently upload and view not only common images but old maps as well.
More features are coming soon. We are working hard to make Zurbu better and your feedback moves it closer to ideal!
Noone knows the reasons why one of the blocks above depicts a cow. You can discuss it in our website on cows metawebsite
Support We try to make Zurbu as simple as possible. Still our support is always ready to help if there are any questions.

Find a website for your city or create it in just a few moments.